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Our Privacy & Cookie Policy 

What is our privacy policy and how do we handle your personal data?

1. The safety of your data is very important to us. We hate it when other people misuse our data and will do everything we can to protect yours. 

2. Our website, like others, stores cookies on your computer. They store anonymous information about how you interact with our site and allow our site to improve your browsing experience and help us understand how people interact with our site. When you access our site you consent to the use of cookies including those used by our site's platform owner, Wix. You should already have responded to our Cookie Pop-up consent flash when you first entered the site.  


3. When you access this website you consent to us maintaining, recording, holding and using any personal data we collect from you and using it to help us respond to your enquiries and/or manage bookings.


4. We use the personal information you give us only to help us process your enquiry and/or booking and to contact you with any details relating to the enquiry/booking.


5. We never give your data to any third party outside the Manoir du Terroir Clos Rocailleux family. We would never sell your data. 

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